What the heck does Fun Cyaan Done mean?

It’s Jamaican. Patois to be exact. It means ‘Fun Can’t Done’, in proper english ‘The Fun Never Ends’, but that would be a blah title for a blog.

Fun Ambassador… or how having Fun is my super power

I always feel like I have to compete against my 12-year old son’s iPad. Luckily we don’t have a tv tvor I would be completely overwhelmed.

For me a good day is a day when he is not glued to that thing. It’s a mission I take more and more seriously as every day that passes he gets drawn deeper into this virtual world.

Telling him to just go outside and find something to play just gets me an answer like “Mom, its 2016, no one does that anymore”.

fun jamaica

My biggest fear is that i mess up my kid’s childhood. And as a single mom I can’t even blame someone else if I do.

So, I decided having fun will be my super power. Not chauffeuring him around from one activity to the next. I want to be in it, making memories with him that hopefully last a lifetime. I doubt that he will remember how he scored in a stupid game or which epic fail video was the best when he gets old.

5 reasons this blog is for YOU:

  • Maybe you feel the same. Tired of trying to entertain your kids. Dragging them to tennis classes, football, music school, etc. when all they want is to stay home and watch tv,play games and get fat. This is not a parenting guide, I would be the last person qualified for that.  I am just a FUN AMBASSADOR ; )
  • Maybe you plan to visit Jamaica. With your kids. Or without. You might see places and fun things to do that you didn’t find in another blog or guide book.
  • Maybe you live in Jamaica too. And you know the struggle is real. Surrounded by friends and family caught up in their routine, you might want to meet or join us one day.
  • Maybe you are just a stalker. Or a friend. Or a hater. Either way we know we got your attention.


Yeah, you are smart. I gave you only 4. So what? But since you made it this far, why don’t you tell me how you like the idea of this blog? Honest and brutal, I do care what you think…